Cookalicious Private Kitchen

Service Locations: HK/ KLN/ NT

Cuisine: Seafood / Asian-Mix

Payment: Cash Only


About Stella Chan


I first started my career, surprisingly, not in the culinary world, but in the hospitality industry and advertising. In 1996, I unveiled my long term career development in public relations and event marketing. This well-known company is specialized in event and sports marketing and had handled numerous world renowned sporting events as well as famous local events. Later on, I set up and ran a public relations agency under the strong encouragement and great support with my beloved clients.


Over a decade working in the public relations and event marketing, I joined a lifestyle company and was responsible for the brand building exercises and sales promotions of their lifestyle brands. With this exceptional opportunity, I have gained tremendous knowledge on the retail market and was able to further sharpened my customer service skills. With no doubt, these skills and knowledge does help me a great deal in my current business.


In 2011, I took a short break after leaving the lifestyle company and had been actively searching for new job opportunities. But was wondering, after all those hectic years, should I continue my PR and marketing career and go through my life by imitating kittens chasing my own tail, or try something fascinating. By then, a spectacular idea came across to my mind ~ “Take Home Chef”.


My dearest father, who had immense passion of different food experiences, had passed on to me the passion for cooking. I love to cook and I love being a chef for both my family and friends in the first place. Starting the Cook-a-licious Private Kitchen in 2012, each and every job gave me plenty of pleasure and I feel wonderfully blessed. I am extremely fortunate to find myself now in the culinary business and have work my own way. My utmost and ultimate objective is to help and watch my clients enjoying a delightful, relaxed, delicious and comforting food, rich with varieties and pleasure, with no need for them ever to step outside their front door.


Want to know more details about what I have done in my early years, please click the link below for more details.