Cookalicious Private Kitchen

Service Locations: HK/ KLN/ NT

Cuisine: Seafood / Asian-Mix

Payment: Cash Only


    Private Dinner Service Charges:


  • Service charge will be calculated in Part A plus Part B;
  • Part A: Cooking Fee (HK$430 per person) ~ excluding food ingredient costs
  • Part B: Food ingredient costs (Charge at cost)
  • For each dinner event, minimum 6 person (minimum charge HK$2,580) and maximum 15 person (HK$6,450) will be served.
  • Receipt for all the purchases of food ingredients will be presented to customers. 
  • The above rate does not include 10% service charge.
  • The rate of the above menu may adjust due to on-site market situation, respective season and weather. Relevant situation will inform customers in advance before pursue.
  • My assistant and myself will leave the apartment as soon as all cooking are done. 
  • For ordinary dates, customers need to book and confirmed the service at least 4 days in advance. As for festive season and special dates like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day as such, reservation must be made and confirmed 7 days in advance.
  • Only cash will be accepted; 50% deposit to be paid upon confirmation;50% balance and food ingredient costs to be paid on the day of service.
  • Cook-a-licious reserves all rights to cancel the booking unilaterally without any prior notice, only if customers are unable to confirm the booking by settle the 50% deposit payment at least 72 hours (ordinary dates)/ 96 hours (festive season and special dates) before the service date.
  • For any cancellation, 50% cooking fee deposit will be refunded only if the notice must be made at least 48 hours before the event date. Otherwise, refund will not be considered.
  • For last minute cancellation (within 24 hours before the event date), 50% cooking fee deposit will not be refunded. Furthermore, customers need to pay off the 50% cooking fee balance and all food material costs as well. All cooked and uncooked food materials will leave for customers’ further handling.
  • Customers need to cook sufficient rice if they find it is necessary.
  • Customers need to prepare all the necessary tableware for the dinner event.
  • Cook-a-licious reserves all rights to amend the above terms and conditions without prior notice. 
  • In case of any disputes, the decision of Cook-a-licious shall be final.



  • 服務收費計算分為兩部份: Part A 及 Part B
  • Part A: 烹調費 (每位HK$430) ~ 不包括食材價錢
  • Part B: 食材費 (實報實銷)
  • 人數最少6位 (最底消費為HK$2,580);最多15位 (HK$6,450);
  • 購買食材單據將會出示;
  • 以上收費不設加一服務費;
  • 如顧客選擇之菜餚有可能因應市場當日之情況、不同季節及天氣影響而有所調整,此舉將及早知會客人;
  • 當完成所有烹調菜餚之後,本人與助手將會離開;
  • 服務收費不包括晚飯後清潔
  • 平常日子,顧客須最少4天前預約及確認服務;如冬至、聖誕、除夕、農曆新年、父親節、母親節或其他重要大節日則須要最少7天前預約及確認服務;
  • 只接受現金;50%訂金須於確認服務時支付;50%餘額及食材價錢將於服務當日支付;
  • 顧客如未能最少於服務當日之前72小時(平常日子)/96小時(重要大節日)支付50%訂金以示確認服務,誰家灶頭 上門私房菜將會保留一切最終決定權,或有機會單方面取消當日之服務而不會作另行通知
  • 如取消服務,最少於48小時前通知,訂金將可全數退回,否則逾期恕不退還
  • 如於24小時內取消服務,訂金將不會退回,另外,顧客須立即支付50%餘額及所有食材價錢,而所有食材將全數送回給顧客
  • 如有須要,顧客請自備白飯;
  • 顧客須自備齊全餐具;
  • 以上所述之條款;如有任何更改,恕不作另行通知;
  • 如有任何爭議,誰家灶頭 上門私房菜將保留所有最終決定權。