Cookalicious Private Kitchen

Service Locations: HK/ KLN/ NT

Cuisine: Seafood / Asian-Mix

Payment: Cash Only


Other Services

Should you want to know more about our service or need pricing, simply give us a call at 9401-4035, or send us an email at, we’ll be more than happy to help and get your party started.


Tableware Rental Service and

No More Dish Washing

Considering our customers need not to worry about all the trouble of washing the plates and bowls after meal, we strive to provide our assortment of tableware rental like dinnerware, flatware and glassware for their easy hospitality. We will simply deliver all necessary tableware and glassware to the designated location on the day of service and the used items will be collected on the next day. So simple~ Give us a call and everything will be in good hands.

High Quality Waiter Service and

Eat Like a King

Our waiters will display the highest standard of hospitality and ensure all guests are served up to the hotel standard. They will help setting up table with all necessary tableware and glassware; prepare wine with decanters; make sure the wine are well breathed or chilled; perform plating service; serve food and beverage to the guests as per the course of order. You can just simply sit back, relax and enjoy the meal.

Professional Photography and

Videography Service

Photographer and Videographer will help the customers to capture the precise moments whenever the action is in perfect timing. Our ultimate objective is to provide unique coverage of the event and produce flawless portraits filled with emotions and beautiful memories. Anyone can snap a shot or take a video footage, but our Professionals can capture the sweet and delightful memories. Don’t forget to smile ~ CHEEEESE!

Venue Set-up and Decoration Service

You can WOW your guests as soon as they enter your venue as per its set up and decoration. Table with tablecloth, chairs with seat cover, beautiful centerpiece, candles and balloon decorations as such, you name it. Even a fascinating outdoor home party is not something impossible. A wide range of outdoor items like marquees, lighting, fans and heaters are so easy to arrange. What about a cotton candy machine for the kids? No Problem~ Let us know what you fancy about and you will be set with a five star event.