Cookalicious Private Kitchen

Service Locations: HK/ KLN/ NT

Cuisine: Seafood / Asian-Mix

Payment: Cash Only

With a hectic lifestyle, it is extremely difficult for Hong Kong people to enjoy a relaxing meal with their beloved family members. A simple meal at home is a distant dream to many of us. That's why most of us would choose to dine at restaurants, which is unlike dining at home. For some of us, taking young children and the elderly to restaurants would pose some difficulties. In addition, who would love to queue up and wait for a long time before being led to a table? Who would love to be hassle by waiters who are forever forcing patrons to settle their bills on an untimely basis? Who would love to pay for expensive drinks or corkage fees? These are the possible scenarios one might face while dining in restaurants. All of these scenarios would certainly cause disappointment to us. 

Have you ever thought of enjoying a scrumptious seafood meal at home with your family members and friends? A meal which you do not need to lift a finger, as everything from visiting the wet markets, preparing and cooking the dishes and meal serving is performed by a team of professionals. You do not need to toil in the kitchen, and you do not need to rush in and out of the dining room trying to cook and entertain your guests at the same time. You can enjoy your meals, chit-chatting with your guests at home till late. 

Cook-a-licious Private Kitchen can tailor made delicious succulent seafood meals for you, your family and your friends. We visit your home with fresh ingredients from the wet market, cooking utensils and all kinds of spices...........and you can leave all cooking work to us. No matter whether you own gas stoves or electric stoves, all we need is 2 stoves from your kitchen, and voila!.....your meals are ready. We cater for 6 up to 15 people. Let us bring you memorable meals to enjoy with friends and family. 



誰家灶頭 上門私房菜樂意為您和親友炮製一頓度身訂做、既豐富又溫暖的私房海鮮餐,每次上門除了買餸和洗洗切切,仲會Full Gear帶齊煮食用具及各種調味料,無論廚房配備明火或電磁爐,只要有兩個爐頭便可。人數由6人起至15人皆可,讓你舒舒服服地享受天倫樂,重拾家庭溫暖!